Our Services

Our team offers a full suite of services to clients seeking to immigrate to Prince Edward Island and obtain their Canadian permanent residency through the PEI Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP).

The  Office of Immigration is responsible for administering the PEI PNP. The PEI PNP nominates foreign individuals to the federal government for permanent Canadian residency. Individuals are chosen based on their intention to live and work in PEI and their ability to become established and contribute economically to PEI . The PEI PNP plays a critical role for Prince Edward Island helping to fill gaps in our labour market and attract entrepreneurs to our communities. Through the PEI Expression of Interest entry system individuals to create an initial profile from which they may be invited to proceed with making formal application to the PEI PNP.

There are a number of streams available within the PEI PNP, each having specific criteria, through which qualifying applicants may seek nomination for permanent residency. These streams include Business Impact applications for the work permit stream. The Work Permit stream allows individuals with business ownership or senior management experience the opportunity to come to PEI on a work permit and operate a business for a minimum of one year.  Applicants will settle in PEI and be actively involved in the day to day management of that business.  Provided applicants meet the requirements of the Work Permit Stream performance agreement, including operating the business for one year,  they will then be eligible to receive a nomination for Canadian permanent residency

Western Immigration Opportunities Inc. can assist clients to identify potential PEI PNP opportunities and assessment of eligibility. As an authorized Island Agent for the PEI PNP, Western Immigration Opportunities Inc. is authorized to submit profiles to the Expression of Interest system on behalf of its clients and act as their representative throughout the nomination and immigration processes if invited to proceed.

Whether you are a skilled worker seeking to come work in PEI, an employer in need of critical workers, or a business investor looking to invest in PEI, Western Immigration Opportunities Inc. can help you to explore and pursue your options for immigration to PEI.

Our team’s understanding of the PEI economy and our ability to provide skilled, knowledgeable legal and financial advice ensures our clients receive practical, sound advice and the support they need to successfully navigate immigration processes and settle in Prince Edward Island.

To learn more about the specific services we offer, please contact us at inquiries@westernimmigration.ca and we will be happy to setup a convenient time to discuss your needs and  how we might assist you.